FAQ: VenusBlood GAIA English Localization Project
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Why is the pricing in yen (¥と$の変換について)

Ninetail is based in Japan, meaning that all pricing on Kickstarter is automatically set to Yen. We apologize for any confusion that this may cause but unfortunately, we are unable to do Kickstarter prices in other currencies.

Kickstarter does not allow us to price in a different currency from the country we are based in, but customers can see a conversion to the currency of their choice by selecting a different currency from the dropdown box on the very bottom right of the page.

Additional Information: The prices set on add-ons and such are based on a $1 = 133 Yen exchange rate.


Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:01


Yes, this Kickstarter is for the All-ages version of VenusBlood GAIA International. However, there will be a separate patch available for download from JAST USA’s site (FOR FREE) on release that will restore all cut content. このキックスターターで販売されるゲームソフトは全年齢版となりますが、リリースと同日に無料の日本語R-18要素解放パッチがダウンロード可能となります。(DLsiteまたは、FANZAからダウンロード可能です)

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:01

Regarding VBGI’s Resolution (解像度について)

As VenusBlood GAIA was released before VenusBlood HOLLOW, the aspect ratio (resolution) of the game is the same as it was in FRONTIER, and not HOLLOW. We have considered many options to mitigate this, but the cost that would be required to change the aspect ratio to modern standards was simply too costly.

We are very sorry, but VBGI will have the same aspect ratio as the base game and as in VBFI.

VenusBlood GAIA はHollow(原作:VenusBlood HYPNO)より先に発売されていましたので、解像度はFrontier基準になっております。大変申し訳ございませんが、何卒ご了承くださいませ。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:01

Regarding Digital Key Versions (デジタルキーの言語について)

The STEAM and JAST USA keys are for the ENGLISH VERSION only, while the DLSITE and FANZA keys are for the JAPANESE VERSION only. Please choose carefully.

STEAMとJAST USAのデジタルキーは英語版にのみ使えます。DLsiteとFANZAのデジタルキーは日本語版にのみ使えます。慎重に選んでください! なお、日本国内からはJAST USAのサイトにアクセスすることが出来ないため、英語版をプレイする場合はスチーム版のゲームキーか、キックスターター版パッケージソフトをご購入下さい。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:03

Regarding Name in Credits word limit (エンドクレジットの文字制限)

The maximum length allowed for a name in the End Credits is 20 letters (symbols & Chinese/Japanese characters take 2 letters).


Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:03

What is Backerkit? (バッカーキットとは?)

Well, simply put, it’s a system that lets you add/remove addons and change your reward tier (supposing it’s not filled for limited rewards. Please contact us to change your pledge, addons can be added anytime). BackerKit knows how much you have already paid through your KS pledge. If you didn’t pledge enough extra money for your desired add-ons or you suddenly feel the urge to purchase more add-ons after the campaign, you will be prompted to top-up more money in Backerkit to make up the difference. Backerkit is also where we ask questions such as what reward item you want to choose depending on the tier (Some have multiple choices) and receive shipping information. キャンペーンの終了後、アッドオン(一定期間、追加購入可能なグッズ)を追加や削除することができるツールです。キックスターターでプレッジして頂いた金額が引き継がれます。 アッドオンを追加購入するための金額が不足している場合、バッカーキットで金額の追加投入が可能です。 バッカーキットは、るお客様のグッズの発送先の入力や、選択型リワードの内容を確定して頂くためのツールでもあります。必ずバッカーキットの案内を受けて、ご回答下さい!

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:03

How to purchase Add-ons? (アッドオンの購入の仕方)

You will need to click the “Manage Your Pledge” button on the top of the Kickstarter Page(After pledging to a tier). On that page, you can upgrade/downgrade your tier and pledge amount at any time. Using the addon prices listed on the Kickstarter page as a reference, increase your pledge amount by the exact amount required for the add-ons you want. After the campaign is over, we will send you a BackerKit survey asking you to confirm your pledge, and that is where you will be able to select the add-ons you pledged extra money for. Alternatively, you can just top-up your total balance in Backerkit and order add-ons once Backerkit surveys are sent out. キックスターターページのトップで”Manage Your Pledge”を押してください。(プレッジした後に出るボタンです)それを使って、プレッジのアップグレードやダウングレードは可能になります。 キックスターターページに記載されているアッドオンの値段を参考に、追加金額をプレッジに上乗せすることもできます。こうして追加された金額は、キャンペーンが終わった後、バッカーキットにて未使用の購入ポイントとして反映されますので、それを使って欲しいアッドオンを選んで下さい! 勿論、キャンペーン後にバッカーキット側で追加入金をして、とアッドオン注文も可能です。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:03

Shipping Fees (送料について)

Shipping will be charged once the Kickstarter campaign is over in Backerkit.

Once you receive the survey, you will be charged shipping for physical goods according to where you live.

As for why the Shipping Price is higher than previous campaigns, well… Covid-19’s effect on shipping and such, alongside the current events in the world have served only to hike up shipping prices up.

However, the cost remains the same no matter how many physical rewards/add-ons you order!

Please keep in mind that your pledge tier and shipping costs do not cover taxes or duties on imports/goods you purchase from this campaign.

Shipping Cost:

Within Japan: 1540 yen ($11.30)

East Asia: 4840 yen ($35.60) *Shipped via DHL

Rest of the World: 6600 yen ($48.50) *Shipped via DHL

*送料はキックスターター終了後のバッカーキットで、住所入力時に別途請求されます。(VenusBlood FRONTIER・VenusBlood HOLLOWのキックスターターと、送料の請求タイミングが違うことにご注意ください) 昨今のコロナ関係の世情もあり、送料はどうしても上昇傾向にあります。今までのプロジェクトよりも送料が上がってしまうことをご了承ください。 日本国内:1540YEN(一律) 東アジア:4840 YEN(一律)DHLにて発送 その他国外送料:6600YEN(一律)DHLにて発送

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:03

How do I select what I want out of multiple choices (Such as Dakimakura Cover)? (選択型のプレッジについて)

Not to worry, once the campaign ends after it has been successfully funded, you will be sent a Backerkit survey. During that survey, you will be able to make those decisions! However, should we not hear back from you regarding the survey when the time comes to ship out the items (And have received full payment), we will send you the default choice for the specific rewards. We thank you for your understanding regarding this matter. Even if the default choice is perhaps what you do want, we implore you to please answer your backerkit surveys in a timely fashion, please! Thank you. Default Choices: Digital Game Plus: Digital Artbook Physical Game Plus: Artbook Apprentice’s Craft: Mousepad Triple Keychain: Will be decided by Ninetail Tapestry: New Main Visual Alchemist’s Masterwork: Blanket Always Together: Milia Dakimakura Beloved Heroine: Teria Momimakura Council Tiers: Votes are considered null and void, goods will be chosen based on how early they come in the alphabet.

選択型プレッジについて プレッジをしてキャンペーンが終了した後、バッカーキット内で『どれを選びますか?』といった質問が表示されますので、そちらについてご回答ください。 なお、選択型のプレッジの場合、規定の期限までにご回答いただけなかった場合、下記のデフォルトのグッズが選択されたものと致しますので、予めご了承ください。 KS版パッケージソフト+物理デジタルコンテンツ:デジタルアートブック

徒弟の錬金道具: マウスパッド







Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:03

Rebirth Tier Details (異世界転生について)

Basically, we will design a new unit based on your preferences/requests and it will appear in VBGI as a common unit. For example, you can specify things like gender, hairstyle, pose, backstory etc. If you are an artist, you can submit a drawing or such (something you own the copyright to) and we can use it as a reference when designing the character. This tier does not limit you to an original character, you can even ask to have you yourself inserted as the character, though we cannot guarantee an exact likeness. What we DO NOT ALLOW though, is anything that violates another’s copyright. Also keep in mind that although we will do our best to accommodate any and all requests, some may not be incorporated…We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Technically, we do allow slightly altered version of characters from other VenusBlood games or Ninetail games, but this will be handled on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not we can allow it. (Anything that would contradict the original game’s canon or world, for example, would not be allowed) We also do not allow characters from other VB games or Ninetail games to be selected to have a scene via the combination of Rebirth + Flower of the Battlefield, supposing they were your choice for the Rebirth character. We will receive your request via email or a chat client after the campaign is successfully funded.

Regarding stats, we will discuss the units status parameters, skills and such with you via email (Or optionally discord, if you are in Kaede’s Corner server). If you are familiar with the game’s balancing, feel free to let us know your desired stats and skills, though we cannot guarantee we will make use of it exactly as is. If you are new, however, feel free to ask questions and discuss with us regarding the unit’s stats and skills! We are happy to help. Leaving it all to us is also an option, as well as just giving us a general idea of what playstyle/role on the battlefield you want your character to have and leaving it to us to build the character for it. And finally, if we feel that your request is perhaps a little too unreasonable or find that we cannot fulfill it, we may have to make changes to it or request you to change it. And in the end, we also reserve the right on making the final call/having the final say regarding the unit. We thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

Below is a short list of examples of settings that will very likely be modified or refused (If you wish to discuss the viability of a unit with us, feel free to contact us) :

1・Absurdly Overpowered Units (ex:全力攻撃(Max Power Attack) 250 カブト割(Helmet Splitter) 80 次元斬撃(Dimension Slash) 75 側面攻撃(Flank Attack)250 and so on)

2・A unit whose properties do not match their look (without a compelling reason) (ex. A unit that looks like a dragon/demon with fiery particles all over, but then has divine race and ice affinity)

3・Being the sole owner of the highest level of specific skills (ex. “I want my unit to be the only one in the game that has Fool’s Lie 5!)

4・A unit with ties to a named character in the Venusblood Series, such as blood relatives or different forms of a character. (ex. Considered on a case by case basis, but anything that would be too damaging to existing settings or characters and such are not allowed)

5・A unit modelled on/based off of an existing person (Copyright is a very tricky thing to maneuver around, and we would like to minimise the risk to all involved. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter)

貴方が考案したユニットを、実際にVenusBlood GAIA International に登場させる権利です。 基本的に、他者の権利を侵害しない、オリジナルのアイデアである必要があります。 能力やパラメータ、セリフや設定などは、支援者様とナインテイルが相談して決定することになります。 また、VenusBloodシリーズ作品の主要登場人物の変化パターンや、存在しない関係者を希望することも可能ではありますが、内容にもよります。 あくまでVenusBloodシリーズの作品や、原作を破壊しない範囲内で、プレッジをお楽しみ下さいますようお願いします。 とくに、VenusBloodシリーズの主要登場人物は、後述の戦場の紅一点ではイベントシーンを追加できないことにご留意ください。 無茶なご依頼と判断した場合には、提案を修正させて頂くこともございます。予め、ご了承ください。

下記の項目に合致する場合、調整または変更をお願いする場合があります。事前に可能かどうかを、公式にお問い合せ下さっても構いません。 1・極端に強すぎるユニット (例:全力攻撃250 カブト割80 次元斬撃75 側面攻撃250 など) 2・特別な設定的理由なく、見た目と種族が全くそぐわないユニット (例:見た目が明らかに竜族&魔族&炎霊で、種族が神&氷霊など) 3・特定スキルをゲーム中の最大数値で独占的に保有するユニット (例:愚者の嘘5をこのユニット限定で持たせてほしい、といった要望など) 4・VenusBloodシリーズの特定ネームドキャラの血縁ユニットや変化形態 (例:設定が明らかに崩れると判断される場合など) 5・実在の著名人物がモデルのユニット (肖像権によりゲーム販売上のリスクになる可能性がある為、避けるようにお願いします)

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:05

Flower of the Battlefield Tier Details (戦場の紅一点について)

This tier/reward is, simply put, giving a common unit a new scene. This does not apply to any of the main characters/side characters of any of the VenusBlood games or Ninetail games. Once you pledge for this tier, we will send you an email requesting light details for the scene so that we can confirm whether or not it is acceptable. As for the details for the scene itself, we will accept your suggestions and such for how the scene will go/play out, however, there is a chance that we may not be able to accept it depending on the content. As for the content of the scene, the scenario text and such, we will not accept requests for direct changes to the script, and we also will not accept request for rewrites of any sort. Please do not send us emails requesting such things, for we will not respond to it. Regarding the details of the scene, we at Ninetail will decide who the artist, scenario writer and voice actress will be. We appreciate your understanding regarding these matters. You can combine this tier with Rebirth (pledge or addon) to give your own unit a scene, but in that case, your unit will need to be a humanoid female. あくまで、一般ユニットに対してイベントシーンを追加する権利ですので、 VenusBloodシリーズ作品の主要登場人物のイベントシーンを追加することは出来ません。 プレッジをして頂いた段階で、一度ナインテイルから内容の確認をさせて頂きます。 シーンの内容については希望をお聞きいたしますが、都合によりそのままでは受けられない場合があります。 また、追加されるシナリオ本文に対しての、直接的な文章指示や、改稿依頼は受け付けられません。そうした要望もお出しにならないようご注意ください。 当該シーンにおける、原画家およびシナリオライター、声優の選定については、ナインテイルが行います。予め、ご了承ください。 戦場の紅一点は異世界転生(プレッジ、アッドオン問わず)と組み合わせることが可能です。そうすると、貴方の新規ユニットにシーンを与えることができますが、その場合、貴方のユニットは人型の女性にする必要があります。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:05

Regarding Illustrator Shikishi (原画家直筆イラスト色紙について)

As this shikishi is drawn in one go by the artist, anything overly complex is not possible (especially background art). Anything that is overtly explicit is also not allowed, although softer variants are allowed (for example, the crotch area and any such adult acts involving it is not allowed, but a semi nude or even nude (but somewhat covered up like with the character’s hands) is allowed.)

Feel free to contact us to inquire as to what would be possible or not possible.

For VenusBlood GAIA, we can request shikishi signatures from:

Toshizo, Tange Genza, Shiroie Mika, Kirikawa Ikumu

For Shiroie Mika and Kirikawa Ikumu, it will not be hand-drawn, but will be drawn with a digital tablet before being printed and sent to you.

手描きの色紙のため、あまりにも複雑・精緻な絵のリクエストには対応することができません(特にキャラの背後の背景など)。あまりに過激すぎる絵は受け付けられませんが、際どいお色気くらいなら可能です。 リクエストの内容が可能かどうかの確認をしたい場合は、お気軽にお問合せください。


トシぞー先生 丹下ゲンタ先生 白家ミカ先生 桐川いくむ先生 —– *白家ミカ先生、桐川いくむ先生については、デジタルで作画したオリジナルのイラストを限定1枚のみ印刷した色紙でのお渡しになります。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:05

Time limited/Stock limited Add-Ons? (期間限定/少数限定アッドオン)

Time limited add-ons will be added to the pre-order store for a limited time only. After that duration is up, we will not be accepting orders for the add-on anymore. For the duration of the Kickstarter project, they can be chosen as add-ons individually. Stock limited add-ons are as the name implies, only available as long as stocks last. Early bird gets the worm, and once the addon is sold out, it will no longer be available for purchase. 「期間限定アッドオン」は、他のアッドオンと異なり、プレオーダーストア開設から約1カ月程度の間だけ、受付する予定のものです。その受付が終わった時点で、ストレッチゴールの集計も確定となります。他のグッズと違い、実制作を伴うものになりますので、短めの期間限定となっております。どうぞご了承くださいませ。 少数限定アッドオンは名前の通り、少数限定のアイテム。売切れたら、それ以降はもうお買い求めできません。何卒ご了承ください。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:05

Arcane Avatar Project Participation Tier (幻魔創生プロジェクト参加権プレッジ)

Ah, wonderful! So you are here to inquire about the Arcane Avatar Project?

Did you back for a Rebirth custom character in any of our previous Kickstarters? If so, we’re glad to have you back! (If you did not, then we’re sorry, but you aren’t eligible for this reward. Please look at the REBIRTH tier for details on getting a custom unit into the game!)

With this tier/add-on, you can now bring your custom unit(s) from VBFI or VBHI over to the world of VBGI, and watch as they rampage through the battlefield once more!

Their stats and skills may undergo changes as a result of this world leap.

Do not worry if you have made multiple units with us before! By participating in this project, we will ensure that they all make the transition safe and sound!

「幻魔創生プロジェクトについてお聞きしたいのですね? では……  過去のVenusBloodシリーズのキックスターターで、オリジナルユニットを作成済みの場合、このゲームに再登場させられます!  2体以上いる場合は1つのプレッジで全て対象となります。  スキルとステータスは実験の関係で多少変わることがございますので、ご了承ください。  もし過去にオリジナルユニットを作ったことがない場合、このプレッジを選択することができません。  その場合、異世界転生というプレッジをぜひご検討ください」

Last updated: August 01, 2022 00:00

The World Arcana Tier (運命のアルカナについて)

We will craft a new scene/episode of your chosen Heroine from VenusBlood GAIA. The scene will contain 1 new standing portrait of the character, about 25kb of text, a new commander unit, and will contain 1 event CG (Minor Variations such as facial expression changes included). *We will do our best to include any and all of your requests regarding the content of this original episode; however, there is a chance that we will not be able to incorporate some of them. We appreciate your understanding regarding this matter. We would also like to warn that any scene involving NTR (Netorare) tend to not be very well received amongst the playerbase, as one’s thoughts regarding such a scene will vary from person to person. As such, we strongly recommend against choosing a scene that involves NTR. Heavy Scat and Guro and Ryona are also not allowed.Therefore, we implore you to think of a scene that does not involve any form of the above listed tags, please. As for the content of the scene, the scenario text and such, we will not accept requests for direct changes to the script, and we also will not accept request for rewrites of any sort. Please do not send us emails requesting such things, for we will not respond to it.

This pledge is meant for characters who appear in VenusBlood Gaia, so we ask that you please do not request a scene for a character that appears in a different VenusBlood game.

If you insist and really, really, really want a scene for another character from a different VB game, we will accept appeals for discussion, but there is no guarantee we will allow it in the end. There are only 12 of this reward available, so make sure to grab one as soon as you can if you are interested! *As the new unit will be a commander unit, the skills and stats and general balancing of the character will be handled by Ninetail.

The World Arcana’s Pledge Tier (Arcane Avatar Project) explanation: If you backed a Rebirth unit in a previous Kickstarter project, we will bring them over as thanks for your continued support! Basically you get the same thing as any other backer of the Arcane Avatar Project.

VenusBlood GAIAに登場するご希望のキャラクターに、ご提案頂いた内容で新規エピソードを追加し、 それに伴って新規衣装の立ち絵1枚、シナリオ約25KB、新規衣装のユニット1体、イベントCGが1枚追加されます。 ご提案頂くシーン内容は、基本的には全力でお応えいたしますが、内容によっては、変更をお願いする場合もございます。 注意事項としまして、寝取られ系のシーンはプレイヤーによってその解釈や受け止め方は様々になりますので、 あまり推奨はされません。それ以外のシーンにして頂くことを強くお願い申し上げます。重めのスキャット、グロ、リョナも禁止とさせております。

追加されるシナリオ本文に対しての、直接的な文章指示や、改稿依頼は受け付けられません。そうした要望もお出しにならないようご注意ください。 また、あくまでVenusBlood GAIA本作のキャラクターの追加シーン向けのプレッジとなりますので、 別シリーズ作品のヒロインのシーンを追加希望することはお控えください。 上記の件について、どうしてもお願いしたいことがある場合は、一応相談には乗りますが、必ずしもすべての希望に応えられる訳では無い事を予めご了承下さいませ。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:05

Will the physical version be uncensored?

Unfortunately, due to the various laws in different countries, we can only provide an all-ages version of the physical packaged version. However, the uncensor patch that you can download from JAST USA’s site is also compatible with the physical version.

リワードの物理パッケージ版は全年齢版となります。 また、キックスターター成功時に発売される、ダウンロード版及びパッケージ版につきましては、日本国の法律上、コンピュータソフトウェア倫理機構の規定に従ったものとなります。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:05

Regarding the Artbook(アートブックについて)

The Artbook is planned to contain 64 pages. This is subject to change depending on the content after it has been edited, or due to layout and any other such reasons.

It will contain official doujinshi. (1-2 artists)

As the artbook is made in Japan, it will feature Mosaic censorship. This is true for both versions, and the physical artbook will feature mosaic censorship.

For anyone who lives overseas (and purchased a tier with the digital artbook inclued) and is interested in an uncensored version, please contact Ninetail after VBGI’s release.

・最低でも64ページ以上で、ページ内容の編集・構成の際にページ数は増量される可能性があります。 ・1~2名の漫画家による巻末漫画が付属します。 ・日本国内の法律に則って制作するため、モザイクによるセンサーシップがかかります。 ・日本国外に在住の方は、非センサーシップについてはリリース後にナインテイルにお問い合わせください。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:55

Regarding Stretch Goal Calculations (ストレッチゴールの集計について)

VenusBlood GAIA International’s Stretch Goals will be calculated at the end of the Kickstarter Project. (31st of August 2022 at 3 pm JST)

*Due to the intensely packed development schedule for extra content, we will only count funds raised on Kickstarter to go towards the Stretch Goals.

VenusBlood GAIAのキックスターター・ストレッチゴールの集計については、キックスターター本開催期間終了時までとなります。(日本時間の2022年8月31日14:59まで) *追加要素制作のスケジュールが圧迫されてしまうため、今回よりストレッチゴールは、キックスターター本開催期間のみでの集計とさせて頂きます。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:05

Energeia’s Council?

What this is, my dear tentacles, is…Well, as a backer of this specific tier, you get the right to join the vote to decide on new scenes for a character whenever a stretch goal that adds a new scene is reached!

Oh, and you also get to vote on what 1 unit from other VenusBlood Games you want to feature in this game as a guest unit every time the relevant stretch goal is reached. (No scene, just the unit for use in battles)

The vote will involve deciding on the character who gets the new scene, as well as the content/theme of the scene that character will feature in.

Backers of these tiers will be able to send in their suggestions for scenes to be featured in the voting pool, however, please abide by the following rules when submitting a suggestion:

a) No Scat, Guro, Ryona, NTR*, or anything that we deem too inappropriate to feature as a possible scene.

*Netori and such, where Theo is the one taking the girl, is fine. Anything else is handled on a case-by-case basis and may be rejected depending on the content.

b) Although we accept suggestions and the winning theme of the poll will generally be made, the specific content of the scene will still be made by Ninetail and as such, we reserve the right to make changes to it should we deem it necessary.

Each member of the council has a certain amount of voting power for both the scene voting and guest unit voting.

These are basically markers to signify how many votes that person has when they participate in the poll.

For Reference:

Citizen = 4 votes Knight = 8 votes Noble = 12 votes Chairman = 16 votes World Arcana = 4 votes

Despite the disparity in the amount of votes, remember that for every stretch goal reached, that adds a new episode and new guest unit, so that’s another chance for another character to get a scene (and a new guest unit to come over), so all of your votes still count!

We welcome you into the council with open arms!

How the Voting Works:

Step 1) Character Selection poll (Both Heroine and Side Characters): Please cast votes for your preferred characters from VBGI! Due to the possibility of Side-Characters also getting a scene from stretch goals, we will also hold a poll for them at the same time. (You can vote up to the amount of votes you have based on your rank)

At this point, please also send us the name of the guest unit you wish to enter into the poll.

Step 2) Scene Content Suggestion Box: Send in your suggestion for a scene for the character you voted for! (No matter your rank, you are allowed to propose 1 scene for each character)

Step 3) Scene Content Poll: We will hold the polls on a per-character basis, and here that you can make full use of the total amount of ‘votes’ you hold, similarly to the character selection poll in step 1.

Step 4) Guest Unit Poll: Please cast your votes for any character from any VenusBlood game that you would like to see featured as a guest unit in VBHI! (Only within the pool of guests submitted in step 1)

Depending on how the stretch goals are, we may have multiple guest units put into the game! We will put them in based on how many votes the characters have in order.

Should a chosen guest unit have both a pure and corrupted form, it is highly likely that both will make it into the game should they win.

Example: A knight with 8 votes, and we have 2 new scenes.

Step 1) He puts in 4 votes for Milia and 4 votes for Vanilla. That’s the total of 8 he got. He then also wants to see Leonhardt from VBHI in this game, so he puts Leon’s name in as his desired guest unit.

Step 2) He sends in suggestions for a scene for all the winning characters that he likes/bothers to think of a scene for. This Suggestion Box Step lasts for a week.

Step 3) He spends 8 votes on a Milia scene he liked and 8 votes on a Vanilla scene he liked (supposing they won in step 2. The votes are counted seperately for each winning character).

The scene with the highest vote count wins, naturally.

Step 4) He uses all 8 votes on Leonhardt since he wants him in the game as a guest.

With this, the guest units with the highest votes get in the game as part of the stretch goals.

*There is a chance that, with the creation of a new event scene, the artist that draws them will not be the same as the original artist for that character. We thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:59


『エネルゲイア評議会投票権』は、ストレッチゴールで増える追加要素に対して、投票の権利を得るリワードです。 今回のキックスタータープロジェクトが成功した場合、VenusBlood GAIAに登場する主要登場キャラクターのシーン追加が1つ確定します。 追加される内容は、『運命のアルカナ』プレッジに相当する、『新規衣装立ち絵+新規シナリオ25kb相当+新規イベントCG+新規衣装ユニット』です。 これによって追加されたシーンに対して、どういった内容のシーンにするかといった提案及び、シーン確定のための投票に参加する権利が付与されます。 また、上記とは別に、VenusBloodシリーズに登場するユニットが存在する主要キャラクターを1人、VenusBlood GAIA Internationalにゲスト登場させるための 選択投票に参加する権利が付与されます。(シナリオの追加はない予定です)


市民 = 4 票 騎士 = 8 票 貴族 = 12 票 議長 = 16 票 運命のアルカナ = 4 票(特別参加)

投票の流れ キャラクター選別投票(主要キャラ、サブキャラ同時) :VenusBlood GAIAの、好きな登場人物に持ち票を好きなだけ投票して下さい。 ストレッチゴールによって、サブキャラも選択投票に加わった場合、主要キャラ及びサブキャラの選別投票は同時に行われます。この時点で、VBGIに登場させたいゲストユニットを1名を指名してください。

・追加決定した際のシチュエーション提案 :キャラクター1人に対して、1つ好きなシチュエーションを提案できます。(ランクは関係なく、1キャラ1つずつ可能です) ・シーン選別投票(キャラごと):提案されたシーンそれぞれに対して、持ち票を好きなだけ投票して下さい。 ・ゲストユニット選別投票:VenusBloodシリーズ登場人物で、VenusBlood GAIA Internationalにゲストユニットとして登場してほしい人物に持ち票を好きなだけ投票して下さい。(各バッカーが指名したキャラクターの内)

ストレッチゴールによって、ゲストユニットの最大数は増える可能性があります。ゲストユニットは票数を多く獲得した順に選ばれます。 ゲストユニットが、悪堕ちなどのバリエーションを持つ場合は、そのユニットもゲストとして登場する予定です。 <例:投票権ランク騎士、保有票数8の場合で、追加シーンが2つになった場合> ステップ1)ミリアに4票、ヴァニラに4票。VBHIのレオンハルトを希望ゲストとして指名する。




Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:05

Regarding Refunds (返金に関して)

As a general rule, once the Kickstarter Project has been funded, refunds will not be accepted. The only time we will entertain requests for a refund is if there is a big problem or damage to the goods during delivery upon arrival, or if the item is faulty or defective. Please consider your budget carefully when looking over the rewards, and we hope that you will support us within your means. Thank you very much! リワード発送に大きな不備があり、良品交換が不能であるなどといった特殊な事情を除き、 原則的に、一度入金が完了した場合は、どのような理由があっても返金する事は出来ません。 じっくりと考えたうえで、無理のないように、支援をして下さいますようお願い申し上げます。

Last updated: July 31, 2022 23:05

Shipping Updates
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BackerKit FAQ

What is BackerKit?

BackerKit is a service that crowdfunded project creators use to keep track of hundreds to tens of thousands of backers—from shipping details, pledge levels, preferences and quantities, whether they have paid or had their card declined, special notes, and everything in between!

The BackerKit software and support team is independent from the campaign’s project team—BackerKit does not handle the actual reward shipping. For more information about the preparation or delivery status of your rewards, please check the project's updates page.

How does BackerKit work?

After the campaign ends, the project creator will send you an email with a unique link to your survey. You can check out a walkthrough of the process here.

I never received my invitation. How do I complete the survey?

The most common reasons for not receiving a survey email is that you may be checking an email inbox different from the email address you used to sign up with Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Tilt Pro account, or it may be caught in your spam filter.

Confirm that the email address you are searching matches the email address tied to your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Tilt Pro account. If that doesn’t work, then try checking your spam, junk or promotions folders. You can also search for "backerkit” in your inbox.

To resend the survey to yourself, visit the project page and input the email address associated with your Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Tilt Pro account.

How do I update my shipping address?

BackerKit allows you to update your shipping address until the shipping addresses are locked by the project creator. To update your address, go back to your BackerKit survey by inputting your email here.

When will my order be shipped, charged or locked?

That is handled directly by the project creator. BackerKit functions independently of the project itself, so we do not have control of their physical shipping timeline. If you want to check on the project’s status, we recommend reading over the project's updates page.

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